Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bowling Invitations

Hello This is a bowling invitation i made for my sister she is going to be 14 yes much younger than me.
I bought these cards a while back but i did take one apart and measure it and also since the paper for the card slip is more than 12" i tried making one using a 12" paper and came out w/ a smaller version template in case anybody wanted to try it. My sister loves neon green and purple colors so this card works good for her!

Ok so above are the instructions for the above card
and below are the updated measurements for a 12" card

OOPSIES almost forgot to show the invitation itself I used my cuttlebug to put the YOUR INVITED etc. and I clear embossed the Happy Birthday stamp on the page the only thing is I probably should've embossed less because when i was stamping the information it kind of got in the way. 
Ok guys here is the almost finished invitation still need to put date and time still haven't finished.

Quick video:  error on pins i meant bowling balls used the punch and the pins i used fr paperdolls cartridge clowns pins !!


  1. Hilda,
    This is so cute. My sister would love this. Her and her boyfriend are big time bowlers, and it is so hard to find bowling things.
    Thanks so so much for sharing

  2. Great invitation!! When I first started making cards, I would take other things apart and measure them also. That is how we learn!! I looked at your other creations. They are just wonderful!! And, I'm also your newest follower!!
    Thank you for visiting my blog, becoming a follower and leaving such a sweet comment. Okay, I've blabbed enough! :)

  3. Great job on this invite! I am following your blog and I like what I see!!!I have given you a blog award! Hop over to accept! Thanks for all you share!

  4. These are great! My niece is having a bowling party later this month.