Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Design A Clipboard

Hello Just a quick craft I did this weekend, I enjoyed my Sunday crafting How Wonderful !!
I had a brown clipboard I didn't think to take a before picture because I honestly didn't think I was gonna pull this one off good enough to post. Im sure everybody knows what a boring old brown clipboard looks like right.  And now here is my new fabulous clipboard.
I got the idea from Michaels they had a flyer posted with this same exact idea. 
Top is the front view
Bottom is the back view 
All I used is duct tape Michaels has a variety of colors designs paper 8.5"x11" and roll duct tape.
I used 3 of the sheets measured and cut the black i cut in strips and folded in half to the width and wrapped around the clipboard. Finished it off with a bow!

Im so happy with my clipboard before it was ugly and now im going to use it all the time. I love this print it's my favorite. I'm tempted to decorate more using this pattern and if I do I'll sure post them. 
Here is the flyer from Michaels. Thanks For stopping by !!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Get Well Soon Card

Well today was good and bad !! Bad because my poor baby (10yr old) got sick he had fever, chills, throwing up, and loss of appetite. So I picked him up early from school and he rested all day sweating it out. The good thing that came out of it was I was able to stay home with him (instead of going to my night job) and had plenty of time to cook him chicken soup (which he didn't eat and ate a PB & J sandwich lol & later threw it up) and make him a card. NOW I CAN NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR THIS CARD !!!! A while back i saw it on Karli's blog http://craftingwithclass.blogspot.com/ She is very talented lady if you haven't checked out her website you probably will now!!
Here is a direct link to the video for this card: http://craftingwithclass.blogspot.com/2010/05/tissue-box-pop-up-card-video-tutorial.html#comment-form

The bear I got from sizzix die the paper is fuzzy and soft; the brown strip i cuttlebugged with dots folder, I then sanded it a little, and used different markers to color the dots. Also used Martha Stewart border punch which i love and just recently got; 1st time using it. 

The heart he's holding and on the inside were leftover hearts I had made from the V-day projects earlier.
My sons name used Old West cartridge, The balloon hearts is from Sweetheart cartridge. The words Get Better & Ah Choo are from Wild Card Cartridge.
I used my white gel pen to outline the hearts and right a little poem inside. 

The 2 sided paper i used is from Martha Stewart and I used 1 sheet to make the card and tissue box. The poem i made up real quick says: Hope you feel better! Your pillow couldn't have been wetter! Mommy will take care of you; when your sick and feeling blue! I love you always Love Mom
alittle corny but i was just trying to make it rhyme and finish to give it to him. ( The pillow being wet cuz he was sweating ALOT !!)

side view (just used half a tissue and  I made the opening by hand)
Hope you'll like it I know i sure did when i saw it and it was super easy. 

I got an Award!!!

Yay Im so excited I got an award!!! This one is from Stacy at http://lovethatbug.blogspot.com/ I have been following her blog and she has a wonderful Create a Critter series you'll would enjoy!! Thank you so much for the award and visiting my blog !!! 
It is called the Liebster Blog Award. This award is given to people with talent you admire but feel they do not get the recognizition they deserve. Now I must pass it on to 3 other blogs. 
Here are my choices in no particular order:
1.  http://craftingwithclass.blogspot.com/
2.  http://patsscraps.blogspot.com/
3.  http://theinspiredretreat.blogspot.com/

These are all wonderful blogs that I follow. I know you'll like them too Go by and show some love check there projects out !!! Thanks everybody !!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Birthday Card using Create-A-Critter cartridge!!

Hello this is the birthday card I made for a very good friend of mine. I used the Martha Stewart scoreboard to make an A9 size card and envelope. ( 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 ) Used my action wobble for the ladybug.
Ladybug is from Create a critter, Happy Birthday is from Celebrate with Flourish.
Her favorite color is purple so I tried to use as much as I could without overdoing it. The paper is lavendar which you can't tell too much.
Heres a quick pic & video
Ok Thank You for Watching Hope you enjoyed what you saw and hope to have something new soon !!!

updated V-day projects!!

Ok so here is the box that I made for my son used Sweethearts cartridge for word and puppy!! I used an action wobble on the puppy to make him spring; irocks tool for eyes & collar; I've included a quick video !

oh and i was super tired that day so I had my camera sideways apparently lol Sorry !!
Next is my finished heart containers fr TBB&M I had bought some Mickey & Minnie lipglosses for the ladies at work so I went w/ Mickey for the front & put a rose, and I used action wobbles for mickey as well. The stamp is a Michaels $1.00 stamp & of course embossed the red heart w/ my cuttlebug. They loved them !! Can you believe some of  them don't  even know what a cricut machine is !!!!

The mickey had a lot of glueing parts I like the finished cut however it was quite tedious; it was the first time i used that cartridge since i got it. 

and I didn't have time to make more of the above products for other co-workers so I went w/ the sour cream container look, using toilet paper rolls was faster and look nice I was only able to fit 3 reeses peanut butter cups in them. The ladies enjoyed them as well!! 

The hearts I used my gypsy to put a smiley face fr another cut onto a small heart I like the outcome & I love my gypsy !!! 

Ok lastly just wanted to show how i made the banner that is on the above puppy box picture.
Needless to say I only had less than 1 day to finish all these projects and a b-day card that i'll post next!! I was tired but sooo glad I made them and everybody enjoyed the valentines treats!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines crafts

Hello just a quick card for my sisters birthday which is today. I haven't had alot of time to craft since I recently started working again but hopefully i'll be able to post every now and then.
This is a card that I welded with my gypsy the length was 12" used MS brown cardstock.
I used a valentine scrap paper to cover the front. 

and just finished decorating it with ribbon stamps and some glitter glue on the crown. I wish I would've had more time to think about her b-day card but I'm ok with this one. It was my 1st time using a weld on front of the card.  
 the inside i used my cricut to cut the happy birthday and i used my white gel pen to make it pop! The saying is a stamp i bought at a craft store ??(hobby lobby or Michaels or Joanns) don't remember. It looked plain to me so I added stickers that I had to add pizzaz lol !! I hope she likes it Her b-day is on Valentines Day !!

Below are the beginnings of the treat bags I am making for my co-workers at work Used Tags Bags Boxes and More cartridge then used a scallopped heart on top on both sides used my cuttlebug to emboss. I used 3 different colors and think I like the pink one more than the black and lavendar just cuz it matches better. It's not finished I will be finishing them tomorrow and post a pic afterwards. 
and below is a box I made with my MS scoreboard it's 4x4x2 unsure what i will be using it for just wanted to do it I'll post pics later It's in the works need to figure out what I can put on top. Im thinking it's for my son I want to use action wobbles and make something springy on top. I just got my action wobbles in last wk and haven't been able to use them Can't wait till I can craft a little bit more.

Ok well that's it for now Now it's time to get off to the bowling party. Thanks 4 Watching!! 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh my goodness I'm so excited Ijust received this award after only a few months of having my blog; It just made my day !!!

Thanks so much to Janice over at http://cricutology.blogspot.com/ for such a nice award she has enjoyed my new blog !!!! I as well have enjoyed her blog and am a follower of her Go check out her page !!!

Upon receiving this award I must…
Thank the person who gave this award to me and link back to their blog
Share 8 things about myself
Pass this award to 8 other individuals that I have recently discovered
Leave a comment so that they can pass along the recognition. 

So here are 8 things about myself...
1. I am a mother of 1 boy
2. I have a 14 year old sister which we are 18 yrs apart !!
3. I love watching tv including reality tv food network etc. 
4. I love shopping online QVC & HSN kinda addicting !!
5. I work a seasonal job which means I work 1/2 of the year and i choose to work night shift ! 
6. I love baking cupcakes !! 
7. I am active at my church; I have taught classes in the past 3 yrs this yr im taking a break
8. I love spicy foods !!! and Chinese foods : ) YUMMO!!! 

Here are 8 blogs that i've recently discovered in no particular order : 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bowling Invitations

Hello This is a bowling invitation i made for my sister she is going to be 14 yes much younger than me.
I bought these cards a while back but i did take one apart and measure it and also since the paper for the card slip is more than 12" i tried making one using a 12" paper and came out w/ a smaller version template in case anybody wanted to try it. My sister loves neon green and purple colors so this card works good for her!

Ok so above are the instructions for the above card
and below are the updated measurements for a 12" card

OOPSIES almost forgot to show the invitation itself I used my cuttlebug to put the YOUR INVITED etc. and I clear embossed the Happy Birthday stamp on the page the only thing is I probably should've embossed less because when i was stamping the information it kind of got in the way. 
Ok guys here is the almost finished invitation still need to put date and time still haven't finished.

Quick video:  error on pins i meant bowling balls used the punch and the pins i used fr paperdolls cartridge clowns pins !!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bo Bunny Giveaway !!

Here is a fantastic giveaway I have entered it 7 times w/ each different instructions you can enter up to 10 times. It's really worth it !!